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 Introducing Cerys

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PostSubject: Introducing Cerys   Introducing Cerys Icon_minitime2018-03-25, 10:55 pm

Hi! I’m Cerys. ^^ I’ve been interested in Sengoku Basara for about 4 years now, ever since I started playing Sengoku Basara 3 / Samurai Heroes on the PS3. Over the years, I’ve managed to play a little bit of all of the games except for Sengoku Basara X, Chronicle Heroes, and Sumeragi, so most of my knowledge of Sengoku Basara comes from the games. I still haven’t watched most of the anime series, despite having had literal years to do so —– shame on me! XD But maybe I’ll watch them all one day. Hmm, as far as favorite characters go...of course, my favorite character is Katsuie. XD But my favorite character to play as is definitely Mitsunari, followed by Katsuie and Sakon tied for second place.

I suppose that my main contribution to the fandom would be that I’ve roleplayed Katsuie on Tumblr for close to 3 years now. In the future, I’d like to write fanfics for Sengoku Basara...if I ever find the time, that is. XD

Speaking of top priorities as of now are school, the lab, and preparing / applying for grad school, all of which keep me pretty busy. So you probably won’t see me on here, Tumblr, or Discord that often. I’m also pretty introverted, so even if you do happen to see me on here, I’ll probably just be lurking and reading other people’s posts. XD This is my first time on an actual forum, too, so I’ll probably be trying to figure out how forums work, too.

Outside of Sengoku Basara, my favorite series (at the moment) are Overlord, Youjo Senki, Fate series (I play NA F/GO), Shiki, Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku, Sanrio Danshi, and Kara no Kyoukai, although I’m not up to date on any of them except NA F/GO.

Anyhow, I’m glad to be here on the forum, and I hope that we can all get along! ^^
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Introducing Cerys
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