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 holla at your homeboy gladiolus

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PostSubject: holla at your homeboy gladiolus   holla at your homeboy gladiolus Icon_minitime2018-03-26, 2:54 am

What's poppin' I'm Gladiolus (Gladio, Gladi, Gladdy, Glad, whatever). I like video games and horror movies. I'm a full time college student working on his film major and I don't really know what I wanna do with that, oops.

In my free time I write and stream video games. I have a tumblr @honchkrow, and I also have a couple roleplay blogs. My youtube, where I stream games, is "gladio has jaundice."

I got into Sengoku Basara in, like, late 2010 / early 2011? I've watched the anime in its entirety and have played all the games. I just recently got into it again because I rewatched the entire series with my boyfriend and have been streaming the games for him, and was reminded this franchise severely slaps. I love Yoshitsugu so, so much. I've stanned him big hard for years, and now I'm back on that. Other favorites include Mitsunari, Mitsuhide, Hideaki, and Kanbei.

Aside from Sengoku Basara, I'm really into The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Splatoon, Toontown, Yugioh, and some other stuff.

Anyway, nice to be here.
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holla at your homeboy gladiolus
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