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 Hilarem Ørion

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Hilarem Ørion
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Chōsokabe Faction
Hilarem Ørion

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PostSubject: Hilarem Ørion   Hilarem Ørion Icon_minitime2018-03-26, 8:35 am

Hi everyone, my name is Alexia but people are more used to call me either Alex or Ørion. I know it's a pain for most people to use that crossed O so I'm not forcing you but I'd appreciate the effort because it changes the pronunciation. If you are curious to know how to say it, you can check on google translation by selecting the Norwegian language and click on the little thing that let you hear how it sounds like.

But enough about my nickname. I'm a Belgian Aries girl in her late 20's and I work as a social aid, providing services to people in need, mostly seniors, doing their grocery and other little errands, walking or watching their dog, helping them through their lonely time by playing board games but my favorite job is to take care of kids in difficulties because of the poor environment they live in.

I'm a little baby in this fandom, I got dragged in by my cousin (Fay) about 2 years ago, watched all animes but only got the chance to play Utage in full Japanese. As a Role Player, my first Muse to play as was Sanada Yukimura until I paid more attention to Motochika and made him my main. I'm a sucked for steam and gears, fond of pirates and steampunk enthusiast.

I'm not much of an artist, I can't really draw and mostly use bases or other tracing methods but I love digital coloring and enjoy doing collaboration with other people to combine our skills. I don't watch many stuff but I listen to various style of music and play games of all sort.

If there is anything you'd like to know please, don't be shy, I'm one of the chillest people and I'm used to social interactions due to my activities.

Hilarem Ørion Sans_t13
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Hilarem Ørion
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