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 How to Fix Tablet Pressure (Without Restarting Your PC)

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PostSubject: How to Fix Tablet Pressure (Without Restarting Your PC)   2018-03-29, 11:45 pm

Ever shut your laptop and find that the pressure is gone? This tutorial is for you.
Remember to save your work before attempting this.

  1. Open your Search bar, and look up "services."
  2. Click the "View local services" option.
  3. The services you're looking for are either Wacom Professional Services (for newer Wacom models), TabletServicesWacom (for older Wacom models), or Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service.
  4. Right click any of those services, and click "Restart."

It may take a few tries, but keep trying and keep testing after each restart!
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How to Fix Tablet Pressure (Without Restarting Your PC)
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