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 "ADD" & "ADHD"

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Hilarem Ørion
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Chōsokabe Faction
Hilarem Ørion

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"ADD" & "ADHD" Empty
PostSubject: "ADD" & "ADHD"   "ADD" & "ADHD" Icon_minitime2018-04-07, 6:23 pm

Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD) with or without Hyperactivity.

One day, Lydia had a big change in her family. The school discovered a very excited little girl. Incapable of sustained attention. Rilatin was prescribed.

"Before, I was speedy. Now they call me flabby." she confided, on vacation with her grandfather. He dared to suspend the medicine: "I found a little girl alive, hectic, like so many children at her age."

What was she suffering from? And other troubled children? Can't say from a distance.

A child's difficulties always have many aspects. The remedies too. Temporary relief of a drug is not automatically required. For sustainable solutions, other possibilities need to be explored.

"ADD" & "ADHD" Sans_t13
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"ADD" & "ADHD"
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