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 [Activity] Agario Party

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PostSubject: [Activity] Agario Party   [Activity] Agario Party Icon_minitime2018-04-10, 9:21 pm

What is

Eat cells or die trying:
You are a cell, wandering around and absorbing smaller cells to grow. Larger cells, likewise, seek to absorb you. Survive by gliding around obstacles and other cells, but be careful of the viruses!

Game Mechanics Explained In Depth

Things you are told and things that are obvious:

  • Eat blobs smaller than you to grow in size
  • Use the space bar to send 50% of your mass flying at a blob to eat it
  • Use the W key to eject some mass
  • Viruses are the mid sized green 'spiky' blobs which cause blobs larger than them to explode into many smaller parts if they consume them. 
  • Small blobs can hide inside of viruses with no negative effects (use this to your advantage when starting out)

Things you are not told and things that are not obvious:

If you have any question, please, don't hesitate to ask!
You can also check this two part guide here and here

Now about this activity.

When: Anytime! Whenever you want and can catch another to play with you. If not with a member of the forum or Discord server, you can still enjoy the game on your own and meet new people.

Where: Currently, we favor AgarioPlay which unlike its official version is usually less laggy, easier to keep in touch with people via a little chat on the boards and to connect with your buddies and make sure you end up on the same board if you pick the same mode. We also suggest to use the Team Europe Mode on the drop down menu. This mode counts a number of team that can go from one to three. They are split in three colors: Blue, Red and Green. You might want to check the little gear button too to adjust the settings to your preferences. (Dark Theme is usually less straining for light sensitive eyes)

How: Aside from all explanations I already wrote here, I'll talk about material matter. Knowing that the direction your blob will take follows the motion of your cursor, the best and more fluent way to play is with a graphic tablet since the stylus give you the opportunity to move more smoothly and give you faster reflex if you need to back off quickly (gotta go fast XD). A regular mouse can do the trick too if you have the appropriate surface to move it around. I know some people who can play easier with a trackball too. Sadly, the touchpad of your laptop might be too restricting as they usually have a narrow surface to move on. 

The Twist: To make it fun and related to this little group, why not pick characters name. Even better, try to get one related to the color of your cell and make Sekigahara happen again!!! (Or other battles... actually, because not all people were at that one.) Sadly, you don't know in which team you will start but, normally, if you get eaten, you will reapair with the same color (unless there was a refresh of your page or the server, which happen every 2 hours as you might read on the chat) so you can pick your name at that moment. Now I know only three color can limit the number of characters to pick unless you concider that red can represent all warm colors, like Yellow) and blue the cold one (purple?) And green... well, a sort of in between? You don't have to always stick with the same character/side either and just go with the different colors the game will give you to change as well.

You can use this topic to say you're gonna start a party and invite available people to play with you. We know how hard it can be to gather people to play at the same time due to timezone but I'm pretty sure some can matches a certain moment of the day/night at least for a few rounds. I hope you will have fun with this!

[Activity] Agario Party Sans_t13
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[Activity] Agario Party
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