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 [Pixiv] 176656 (ミカミ)

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PostSubject: [Pixiv] 176656 (ミカミ)   2018-03-25, 9:04 pm

ミカミ (Mikami)

is a Pixiv Contributor from Hiroshima, Japan. There is over 200 BASARA Illustrations on their Pixiv Gallery and some of them reached a few level of popularity thanks to users' rating. On Feb 27, 2018 they agreed to let us publish their work on the gallery, adding that they were happy if people enjoyed the illustrations they drew. Here is a sample of their work and their Gallery Tag

Please, don't forget to rate their work on their Pixiv Gallery.
Feel free to leave some comments about the artist or their work on this topic.
If you want to mention a specific work, don't publish the image,
just link us to it on their Pixiv Gallery.
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[Pixiv] 176656 (ミカミ)
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